The Henry Morris Memorial Trust

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"Henry Morris - The Life & Legacy" now available here. Click Henry Morris? (above)

Do you live or attend school or college in the

City of Cambridge

or Cambridgeshire?


Are you between the ages of 13 and 19 years?


!!!  CASH FOR YOU  !!!

The Trust has cash to give you for a short expedition with purpose.

The Trust may also help pay for a special project not involving travel.

The Trust seeks in particular to encourage individual candidates wishing to pursue topics of particular fascination to them.

Are you such a person? Can the Trust help?

Does anyone share your enthusiasm? You may apply alone, with a friend, or in a small group.

Awards are made on the understanding that you will produce a report. The report is an opportunity for you to explore your communication and media skills.

The construction of your report may well be a major element of your venture. Diary, scrapbook, slideshow, video, digital book? The choice is yours and is limited only by your imagination and skill.

For examples of Travel projects we have supported in the past, click Awards for Travel.

For suggestions for home-based projects, click Home-Based.

For creative reporting ideas, click Some tips.

However, please note:

Awards  The Trust will not normally contribute to the cost of a whole gap year, foreign exchanges, school course-work, a simple holiday, or a project managed and planned by school or other organisation (Organised courses and camps come into this category but, in some circumstances, may offer special opportunities for independent planning and initiative. Much would depend on your approach.) In general, the Trust is looking to help with expeditions or enterprises substantially planned by you . The kind of thing you might use part of your school summer holiday for - end of Year 10, perhaps, or after GCSE or A level.

Awards may also be made for made for projects which do not involve time away (i.e. Home-based). You may ask for running expenses and the purchase of materials. The Trust does not usually contribute to the cost of permanent equipment.

Parents of younger candidates will be aware of the possible dangers and yet still wish to encourage a worthwhile venture. If parental involvement is essential, trustees will need to be assured that the candidate will be directing the project and making all the arrangements for its completion, and that any parental involvement is confined mainly to a 'care and protection' role.

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